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Black House | by Stephen King and Peter Straub

Black House

Black House by Stephen King and Peter Straub
(Random House, 2001, 624 pages)

The authors tell a spellbinding story about what appears to be a typical American town where children are mysteriously disappearing. Fortunately or not, I chose to read this novel close to Halloween which made it even more eerie. Jack Sawyer, a retired homicide detective, is called into action when the local authorities cannot find the trail of a young boy who went missing after going out on a friendly bicycle ride one morning. Jack finds this is not an isolated incident as several individuals have been reported missing. He has a premonition that someone or something from a parallel universe, the Territories, is involved.

King and Straub intertwine the real and surreal as they tell a story about dark forces that have been ravishing this town and others over time. This seems like a story about good and evil, which causes the reader to hope that good will win. To rescue the young boy, they are led to Black House, the deadly portal to the Territories. There are many plots, twists and turns that will keep the reader glued to gruesome and haunting pages until they reach the end.

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