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Arts & Crafts Houses I | by Edward Hollamby

Arts and Crafts Houses I

Arts & Crafts Houses I by Edward Hollamby
(Phaidon Press, 1999, 184 pages)

Like Historic Arts & Crafts Homes of Great Britain, this volume examines British houses that give expression to the Art & Crafts movement. Its focus, however, is more on the unique architectural and structural qualities of these homes. It looks at Philip Webb’s Red House, William Lethaby’s Melsetter House, and Sir Edwin Lutyens’ Goddards. These homes are displayed in a variety of ways, including original blueprints and drawings, black and white photographs that show each of them in their original conditions, newer color photographs that show various renovations and give a sense of the current state of the homes, and floorplans and other detailed drawings which accentuate some of the unique features of each home. Numerous articles from a variety of authors provide historical and technical information that grants the reader a greater appreciation for both the aesthetic and technical aspects of these remarkable houses.

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