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The Heist | by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg

The Heist

The Heist by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg
(Bantam, 2013, 320 pages)

The Heist is a new fictional series from the author of the Stephanie Plum novels, Janet Evanovich, and co-author, Lee Goldberg. In The Heist, we are introduced to FBI agent and former Navy SEAL, Kate O’Hare, who has been making a career of tracking down con man, Nick Fox. Kate finally catches Nick only to have him escape from custody. When Kate catches Nick the second time, she is told by her boss that Nick is now working for the FBI. Nick will be using his talents to help Kate bring other con men to justice. In this novel, Nick and Kate must find an investment banker who embezzled 500 million dollars and get him to return the money.

In The Heist, the reader is introduced to a whole new set of characters created by Evanovich and Goldberg. Besides Kate and Nick, there is Kate’s retired father who has a military background. There is Kate’s sister who wants to play matchmaker for Kate. For good measure, there is an actor, a construction worker, a make-up artist, and even pirates!

The Heist is a light-hearted novel which takes lots of liberties with reality. I enjoyed it, but it just wasn’t as funny as the Stephanie Plum novels. If you enjoy Janet Evanovich, Lee Goldberg, or just a good “con”, you might want to give The Heist a try.

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