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Jury of One | by Laura Bradford

Jury of One

Jury of One by Laura Bradford
(Hilliard & Harris Publishers, 2005, 172 pages)

Ocean Point is a small vacation town where not a lot out of the ordinary happens. That is until people start being murdered after visiting one of the local fortunetellers on the boardwalk.  Mitch, the town’s detective, now has his first big mystery to solve and is eager to prove his worth to the community. Elise is a young journalist who has just graduated and would like to make a name of herself in her new town. As more people are murdered, the town is desperate for the killer to be caught and Elise and Mitch seem to be the only people who can figure out this mystery.

I really wanted to like this book. The idea behind the mystery is interesting and had potential but it just fell flat. This was one of the author’s first novels and she actually doesn’t even list it on her website anymore so that should have given me a hint. The story needed a little bit of editing and more time spent in the subplots to make the read more entertaining. For example, I would have loved to see more happen in Elise and Mitch’s relationship but the reader only got to see the very beginning and the hope that they are good for each other. Also, the editing. There is literally a line in the book where Elise and Mitch are talking about the evidence over the phone and Elise says, “I’m looking at my finger right now.” I wanted to like this book but I just couldn’t.

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