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Found | by H. Terrell Griffin


Found: A Matt Royal Mystery by H. Terrell Griffin
(Oceanview Publishing, 2013, 325 pages)

Found: A Matt Royal Mystery by H. Terrell Griffin is a complicated novel about the seemingly unrelated cases of a murder of an older man and the possible murder of a younger woman. Detective J. D. Duncan of the Longboat Key (Florida) Police Department is assigned to solve the murder of the older man. J. D.’s college friend is the younger woman who is presumed dead. Matt Royal is a retired lawyer and J. D.’s “sweetie” who helps her with her cases.

Found’s plot has quite a few twists for a novel of less than 350 pages. The plot weaves in these elements: a U-boat sinking in 1942, drug deals, money laundering, a German document, several murders, and long lost relatives. All of those elements are set in and around the small Florida town of Longboat Key where Matt Royal lives.

Found is the eighth novel in the Matt Royal series. It is the first Matt Royal mystery that I’ve read. I didn’t feel like I needed to read any of the other Matt Royal mysteries to understand what was going on in this novel. Found is a fast read. While I normally like complicated plots, this novel left me feeling like it was just okay. Maybe there was just one too many twists for me.

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