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Sam’s Letters to Jennifer | by James Patterson

Sam's Letters to Jennifer

Sam’s Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson
(Little, Brown and Company, 2004, 336 pages)

Jennifer has had a tough couple of years since losing her husband Danny and her main supporter is her grandmother, Sam. So Jennifer is devastated when she learns that Sam fell in her home and has slipped into a coma. Jennifer immediately packs a bag so she can be by her grandmother’s side. When Jennifer arrives at Sam’s house, she finds stacks of letters addressed to Jennifer explaining that Sam has decided to tell Jennifer her story the best way she could. Jennifer begins to read the letters slowly as she waits for Sam to come out of her coma. Jennifer is also surprised to reconnect with a childhood friend, Brendon, who’s summer mantra is to live each day to the fullest and starts to bring Jennifer along for the ride.

I thought this was a sweet book that could probably be read in a day. The chapters move fast between present day and Sam telling Jennifer her story. I thought the themes were well represented which were to tell your story to the next generation and to never give up on your relationships. That being said, it was a tad cheesy for me and it was the dialogue that sent me over the edge. It really kills me when character’s dialogue just doesn’t seem genuine or remotely believable. But the story was light and easy to read.


One thought on “Sam’s Letters to Jennifer | by James Patterson

  1. I read this years ago and I just loved it. It was something totally different from what James Patterson ususally writes about and I was anxious to read it. It was good to see him write about something other than what he’s use to writing about, which is murder thrillers.

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