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The Wedding | by Nicholas Sparks

The Wedding

The Wedding by Nicholas Sparks
(Grand Central Publishing, 2003, 286 pages)

Wilson knows he’s not considered a romantic guy especially when he tries to compare himself to his father-in-law, Noah. But when he forgets his 29th wedding anniversary to his wife Jane, he feels like he’s hit rock bottom in their relationship. Jane is shattered Wilson didn’t remember their anniversary and Wilson quickly realizes he needs to re-court his wife and get her to fall back in love with him. Over the next year, Wilson tries to plan something extra special for their 30th anniversary. But when their oldest daughter announces she’s getting married in a week on their anniversary, Wilson has to adjust his plans.

This book is a great example of how films sometimes change the endings of books to make them more dramatic in the theatre. I’ve never read The Notebook but I have seen the movie too many times to count. When I got this book from my sister, I thought since I’ve seen the film adaption so many times, I didn’t need to read the prequel to the book. Imagine my surprise when Noah shows up all by his lonesome. Anytime Noah appeared, I couldn’t help thinking that he didn’t fit in the book because of the movie assumptions I had made. Oh well, lesson learned.

When I picked up the book, I didn’t realize it was about building up to a couple’s 30th wedding anniversary. So it was ironic that I started reading it on my own parent’s 30th wedding anniversary. It added a little personal touch to the book for me. But I enjoyed watching Wilson struggle with something he’s so uncomfortable with (romance) and seeing him push himself in order to make his wife happy and their relationship grow.


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