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Lady Be Good | by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Lady Be Good

Lady Be Good by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
(William Morrow, 2011, 372 pages)

There are few things I enjoy more than a lazy weekend where I can just do whatever I want – thanks to this past weekend I was able to finish Lady Be Good in a day because all I wanted to do was lounge and read. Lady Emma recently arrived in Texas from England to get some work done on an article she’s writing for a historical journal. She had initially reached out to her friend Francesca, who lived in the area, but due to conflicting schedules Francesca arranged for her friend Kenny to handle picking Emma up and driving her around. Kenny is a professional golfer who has recently been put on probation after some scandalous behavior so he has nothing to keep himself occupied… until Emma comes into his life.

Emma has one goal while she’s in Texas, she wants to do what she can to ruin her squeaky clean image. Unfortunately, since Kenny is working on rehabilitating his image the two aren’t really on the same page with how Emma’s visit will play out. There’s definitely an attraction between the two of them, and that’s hard to forget given that Kenny had pretended he was a male escort upon first meeting Emma and she’d planned on taking him up on his offer for a night of… “fun.” Who knows where things could lead when these two hard-headed individuals, hell-bent on changing their images, find themselves forced to spend two weeks together under the same roof.

Susan Elizabeth Phillips has a great writing style that ropes you in quickly. She also does a good job creating likable and fleshed-out characters. This was a fun, light, romantic read for the weekend.

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