Fiction · Sadie J

Away | by Amy Bloom


Away by Amy Bloom
(Random House, 2007, 265 pages)

Lillian moved to America to start her life over after her entire family, including her daughter, were murdered in the middle of the night. Lillian tries to adjust and survive in her new world while fighting off dreams of that horrific night. She quickly becomes the mistress of a popular actor Meyer Burstein, who has secrets of his own to keep hidden, and his father, Reuben. Lillian’s expenses are taken care of by both men and she seems to have found temporary relief from her struggles. But when her cousin shows up with the news that her daughter was not killed that night but managed to escape with the neighbor family, Lillian leaves it all behind and risks her life to be reunited with her daughter.

This wasn’t my favorite read. I appreciated the history and the emotion that Bloom packed into the novel but I didn’t enjoy seeing the situations that Lillian got herself in. Most of the relationships that Lillian or other minor characters get involved in can only be described as icky. I also wasn’t a fan of how Bloom switched up the dialogue format. There were quite a few times that I had to double check who was speaking or even if what was being said was out loud. One of the few things I did enjoy is that once a character was being written out of the story, Bloom would provide a brief synopsis on what happened to the character in the future.


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