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The Chocolate Thief | by Laura Florand

The Chocolate Thief

The Chocolate Thief by Laura Florand
(Kensington, 2012, 320 pages)

The semester is just getting under way and I’m in the mood for light, fun reads so I have lots of romance novels sitting at home, compliments of the library. The Chocolate Thief revolves around Cade Corey, heiress to the Corey Chocolate fortune in the United States, as she attempts to convince one of Paris’s top chocolatiers (Sylvain Marquis) to collaborate on a chocolate with her under the Corey name. Sylvain would never think of debasing himself in such a way and he has no qualms in letting Cade know that he considers her family’s chocolate to be beneath him. The two immediately get under each other’s skin – but there is also a considerable amount of sexual chemistry.

Cade’s grandfather started the Corey Chocolate business and he was always eager to learn the secrets of European chocolatiers so when he was younger he tried to steal them. Cade can’t help but let her grandfather’s efforts guide her when she makes the decision to break in to Sylvain’s chocolate shop. She leaves considerable evidence behind since she couldn’t keep from snacking while she searched for recipes. When Sylvain realizes what has happened he’s both infuriated and slightly turned on. Cade and Sylvain play a sort of cat and mouse game as she tries to figure out a way to make her dream of a luxury chocolate line come true and he tries to resist Cade’s sexual pull.

I enjoyed this read, but not as much as I thought I would given that it combined romance with food, one of my favorite things to read about. I might give more of Florand’s books a try, though.


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