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Playing James | by Sarah Mason

Playing James

Playing James by Sarah Mason
(Ballantine Books, 2004, 384 pages)

Adding yet another British chick lit novel to my repertoire, Playing James is a fun and witty romantic comedy. Holly Colshannon is an aspiring reporter for the Bristol Gazette who has a way of creating stories although they may not be true (i.e., telling her boss that she is the cousin of some famous sports player even though she isn’t). So, she is presently surprised to find out that she will be the new crime reporter after the current one left for another position. However, what she didn’t really count on was that she would be shadowing Detective James Sabine, who would rather she went away, while covering a series of burglaries. What ensues is a series of hilarious happenstances and a growing attraction between the two. Though, there is one small problem… Detective Sabine is engaged. Of course, I enjoyed this book because I am an avid British chick-lit person. If you enjoy light-hearted and fun romantic comedies, this is the book for you!

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