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Slingshot | by Matthew Dunn


Slingshot by Matthew Dunn
(William Morrow, 2013, 416 pages)

Slingshot by Matthew Dunn is a spy thriller featuring Will Cochrane, super spy. Slingshot begins in Berlin in 1995 with a secret meeting of some of the top American and Russian officials. The information shared at that meeting was so secret that if anyone in that room threatened to share that secret that person would be the target of an assassin’s bullet. The novel fast forwards to present day. An important document has been stolen. The contents of the document are unknown, but it is known that the document’s contents are deadly. Special agent, Will Cochrane, is tasked with risking life and limb to recover that document.

Slingshot is the third novel in Dunn’s Spycatcher series. The author, Matthew Dunn, was a real life “spycatcher”. Dunn was an MI6 field officer who uses some of his real life experiences to write his novels.

At first, I found this novel a little confusing. There seemed to be too many characters and too many plots. As I continued to read, the confusion disappeared. The story line was easier to follow and much more enjoyable. While I ended up liking the book, I don’t intend to read the earlier Spycatcher novels in the near future. I think I’ll read something with a little less death and destruction and a more likeable main character.

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