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The Engagements | by J. Courtney Sullivan

The Engagements

The Engagements by J. Courtney Sullivan
(Knopf, 2013, 400 pages)

I know Sadie just read and reviewed this book but we read it at the same time! I really enjoy J. Courtney Sullivan’s writing, I’ve read all three of her books and she utilizes the same technique in all of them where there are multiple storylines/perspectives that are all intertwined in ways you might not expect at first. The Engagements looks at five different individuals at different points of their lives and all of these people are connected in some way to a diamond engagement ring. We have Evelyn, Delphine, James, and Kate who all kind of revolve around the greater story of Frances Gerety, the advertising mastermind behind the slogan “A Diamond is Forever.”

The Engagements is unique in the way that the characters are connected, but also in presenting the history of the diamond ad campaign, capturing the mentality of the consumer, and also providing the methods behind which diamonds are made available to the masses. You care about each character in the story, all of whom are in solid relationships that have very real issues to deal with. Spanning decades this was a novel I really enjoyed. I can’t wait to see what Sullivan comes out with next 🙂

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