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Agent Gates and the Secret Adventures of Devonton Abbey (A Parody) | by Camaren Subhiyah

Agent Gates

Agent Gates and the Secret Adventures of Devonton Abbey (A Parody)
by Camaren Subhiyah; illustrated by Kyle Hilton
(Andrews McMeel Publishing, 2013, 128 pages)

This graphic novel and parody of the popular PBS Masterpiece show, Downton Abbey, is hilarious. Some members of the Crawhill family and staff of Devonton Abbey are SIS (Secret Intelligence Service) agents who “keep an eye on the subversive activity transpiring in neighboring countries.” Other members of the Devonton Abbey household are oblivious to the secret identities of the people with whom they live and work. The mission of the SIS: to capture and question German foreign minister, Gottlieb Von Jagow, Enemy of the Crown, who is planning a visit to Devonton on his way to the German Embassy in London.

The artwork in the book really captures the actual characters of Downton Abbey. The outrageous story lines seem like they could even work on the show–if it were a Mel Brooks comedy. Behind his cane and limp, Mr. Gates (Bates) has a secret bionic leg that can smash anything to bits. Lord Granville (Lord Grantham) is obsessed with destroying the undignified blackbirds flying around Devonton and insists that his telegrams be ironed. Lady Ethel (Edith) is in love with a llama in the petting zoo on the property. Lady Cynthia (Sybil) organizes a “Tobacco for Children” benefit for children working in mills who can’t afford snuff and cigarettes. Sweetsy the dog becomes pregnant with the heir to the Devonton estate.

I would highly recommend this quick and entertaining read to fans of comedy and Downton Abbey.

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