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Grounded | by Neta Jackson and Dave Jackson


Grounded by Neta Jackson and Dave Jackson
(Worthy Publishing, 2013, 320 pages)

Grace Meredith believes that she is doing what her life was intended for. Grace is a touring Christian singer spreading her message to teens to wait for marriage while she is happily engaged. But the night before her last leg of her New Year, New You tour, her fiancé calls to end their engagement as he isn’t comfortable with Grace’s touring life or how she openly speaks of their relationship. Grace is heartbroken and feels like a fraud so she heads back to Chicago and to her cat Oreo to rethink where her life is headed. As she hides from her music and her message, she realizes how lonely she really is but gets help from some unexpected sources, her neighbors.

I picked up this read on a whim when I found it on the New Book shelf at the public library. I was interested in the idea that each book of the series focused on a different neighbor on a Chicago street. Grace seemed like the perfect starting point for the series as she’s a touring artist who doesn’t know her neighbors very well and starts to get to know them over the course of the read. I liked how easy this was to read and the inspirational theme wasn’t too overpowering. I have to say that Grace was a little too needy as a character for me. She would turn the littlest things into big deals and was constantly turning down invitations from people because she didn’t know them well enough but then complained that she was lonely. Grace did improve tremendously by the end and the Jacksons were very tricky by leaving certain aspects of the plot open at the end to peak reader’s interest for the next installment.

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