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Deity | by Jennifer Armentrout

Fire flower

Deity by Jennifer Armentrout
(Spencer Hill Press, 2012, 360 pages)

Alex returns to the Covenant trying to get back to her regular routine but with her Awakening in a few short months, it’s hard to concentrate on anything else. Well, besides her feelings for Aiden, covering up killing a pure blood, and figuring out why Seth is acting so strange. Alex believes that she got to know the real Seth when they were in New York, but lately Alex’s instincts are telling her Seth isn’t being truthful with her. Seth seems to be bringing out the marks on the Apollyon on Alex on purpose to get Alex to Awaken faster but she wants to put it off for as long as possible. She isn’t ready to lose control of herself.

The third book in the Covenant series did not disappoint. Every time I start thinking that the plot is getting a little slow, Armentrout starts pulling out new developments and revealing new information that makes me think I was crazy to consider it was a slow read. I love the character build up, especially with Seth. After the second book I really liked Seth which just made me even more disappointed when I saw him change and become blinded by his potential power. Armentrout was smart to have the second book focused on Seth so that the reader will feel compassion for Alex when she is making difficult decisions about him.

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