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Wedding Night | by Sophie Kinsella

Wedding NightWedding Night by Sophie Kinsella
(Bantam Press, 2013, 368 pages)

This is the most recent novel for Sophie Kinsella, the author of the Shopaholic series. While I didn’t find that series engaging I thought I’d give Wedding Night a try. It was the perfect read for traveling! The story essentially revolves around two sisters, Lottie and Fliss. Lottie is SURE that her boyfriend is going to propose to her, so when this doesn’t turn out to be the case Lottie impulsively breaks up with him and he sets off for a new job in America. Then Ben, an old flame, reconnects with her, reminding her of the vow they took that if they weren’t both married by 30 they would marry each other. Lottie has a tendency to make rash decisions following a break-up, so when Ben quickly proposes she accepts. They decide to get married ASAP, making the decision to wait for their wedding night to consummate their relationship.

When Fliss, Lottie’s older sister, learns about all this she doesn’t know what to do with herself. In the midst of a bitter divorce she doesn’t want to see Lottie in the same situation. With that in mind Fliss makes it her mission to keep Lottie and Ben from “enjoying” their wedding night in the hopes that they can annul the marriage when Lottie finally comes to her senses. Tied up in this scheme is Ben’s friend, Lorcan. He was with Fliss in trying to keep Lottie and Ben from getting married in the first place, but his priorities are the business he shares with Ben and wanting to make sure nothing happens to compromise it. Not surprisingly, a romantic element comes into play between Lorcan and Fliss.

This was a quick, enjoyable read. Very light-hearted and a good distraction.

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