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Rush | by Maya Banks

RushRush by Maya Banks
(Berkley Trade, 2013, 416 pages)

Gabe is a powerful and wealthy man that Mia has always been attracted to. The only problem is he’s 14 years older than her and one of her brother’s best friends and business partners. So when Gabe approaches Mia to sign a contract to basically own her, she knows she must keep it from her brother Jace and their other best friend Ash. Mia and Gabe disguise their relationship by Mia posing as his personal assistant so she is available to him at every moment. While this brash relationship seemed exciting to Mia, she starts to wonder if she’s in over her head.

This is the first book in the spicy Breathless series and each book focuses on one of the three best friends, Gabe, Ash, or Jace. Gabe is definitely an interesting hero as he’s an aggressive alpha male and reminded me a lot of Brandon, the hero in Kathleen Woodiwiss’s novel The Flame and the Flower. I liked Rush if I look at it with the point of view that this is a story about the transformation of Gabe from being someone who is hard and emotionless to someone who deeply cares about Mia. But to get to that point, Gabe makes a lot of mistakes. I particularly didn’t like a scene where Gabe basically hands over Mia to three other men. It was a scene set up to show how much Gabe and Mia truly cared for each other and create conflict later on but I don’t think I was able to forgive Gabe for that the rest of the read.

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