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The Perfect Play | by Jaci Burton

The Perfect PlayThe Perfect Play by Jaci Burton
(Berkley Heat, 2011, 324 pages)

Mick Riley is a pro when it comes to playing quarterback for the San Francisco Sabers but he is less than stellar in his personal life. He’s used to having famous women made available to him by his publicist so when he meets Tara Lincoln, a down-to-earth single mother, he is thrown. His feelings for her come fast but he has secrets in his past that might be a deal-breaker for their relationship. Tara has always put her 14 year-old son Nathan first and relationships were never an option for her. But the closer Mick gets to her and Nathan, the harder is it to remind herself that this is simply a summer fling.

As my Romance class is winding down for the semester, one of our last weeks is erotica. I went to a local used bookstore to see what I could find for this week and a worker wouldn’t let me leave the store once she found out what I was searching for and why. And I have to say I’m glad she did. While the relationship between Tara and Mick gets pretty steamy and intense extremely early in the read, they have a great emotional chemistry as well. A bonus is that Mick is extremely close with his family who just happens to be in STL. Although STL was featured just a few times during this book, the next two in the series deal with Mick’s other siblings, including his brother who plays for a St. Louis baseball team.

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