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Pure | by Jennifer Armentrout

PurePure by Jennifer Armentrout
(Spencer Hill Press, 2012, 320 pages)

In the second book in the Covenant series, Alex is up to her same old tricks. She just can’t seem to stay away from Aiden, a pure blood who is completely off limits to half-bloods, or trouble. And hanging out with Seth isn’t helping her rebellious streak at all. Alex has to keep herself under control as her meeting with the Council is approaching and unless she wants to end up in servitude, she needs to be on her best behavior.

My synopsis is extremely vague as I don’t want to give anything away in the series. But I can say I loved this book. With the Divergent series, I started to obsess from the very first book. But with the Covenant series, it’s this second book that really hooked me. The potential storylines that were introduced in Half-Blood were starting to be developed in Pure. The love triangle between Alex, Aiden, and Seth really takes off and the reader really gets to know the relationship between Alex and Seth. I know it’s the Alex/Aiden relationship I’m supposed to be loving and cheering for but I really like Seth because of how defiant and protective he is of Alex. The one complaint I have is that I wish the death of a certain character and the aftermath was explored more but hopefully that will be addressed more in the next book.

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