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Between | by Kerry Schafer

BetweenBetween by Kerry Schafer
(Ace, 2013, 304 pages)

Vivian has always had strange dreams and has been mostly successful in ignoring them. But after a teenager came into her ER talking about dragons before burning from the inside out, she starts to question things. With the help of a new friend she has been destined to meet, Zee helps Vivian discover who she is and what fate has in store for her. A whole new world, or worlds, is opened up to Vivian and the only way to survive is to bring down a powerful sorceress. Oh, and to watch out for those dragons.

I will admit that Urban Fantasy is not a genre I gravitate towards but this was a fun read. Things move fast and since there are three worlds that Vivian can go between, the Wakeworld, Dreamworld, and the Between, you really have to pay attention to where she is. But as fast and as strange as things happen, I never found the read confusing or felt overwhelmed with what was happening to Vivian. My favorite part of this read was Vivian’s sidekick Poe, who happens to be a penguin. At first he seemed a little out of place, but he added a sweetness to an otherwise intense read.

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