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Dirt Candy: A Cookbook | by Amanda Cohen

Dirt CandyDirt Candy: A Cookbook: Flavor-Forward Food from the Upstart New York City Restaurant
by Amanda Cohen, Ryan Dunlavey, and Grady Hendrix
(Clarkson Potter, 2012, 224 pages)

I love a good cookbook – especially when it includes information beyond the recipes. Dirt Candy took a unique approach in coming out with a graphic novel format. Amanda Cohen gives the reader behind-the-scenes insight into how she came about developing her vegetable-focused restaurant (not to be called “vegetarian” because that has specific connotations), what really goes on in a restaurant kitchen, and explains various cooking terms in an easy-to-understand manner. Vegetables need to be treated differently when they are the star of the show and the recipes included in Dirt Candy sound pretty interesting.

While there were a lot of things I picked up from this book, most of the recipes were out of my comfort zone since they took a fair amount of time (there were numerous things you had to start preparing a day in advance). There were some basic things I’d try and, like I said, Cohen explained things in a very clear and straight-forward way which I appreciated. This was a quick-read that I enjoyed. I’d recommend it if you’re looking into experimenting with a more vegetable-focused menu and want to see how to get creative with it.

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