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Tangled Vines | by Janet Dailey

Tangled VinesTangled Vines by Janet Dailey
(Little Brown and Company, 1993, 448 pages)

Kelly Douglas has worked extremely hard not only to forget her traumatic past in Napa Valley but also to make a name for herself as a TV newscaster. When she is given an assignment to do a story in her hometown, she prays no one will recognize her and that she can be on the first flight back to NYC. But before she can help it, there is a spark growing between her and Sam, the grandson of Katherine Rutledge who owns one of the best wineries around. She tries to ignore her attraction to Sam but when her trip is extended due to a murder on the Rutledge property, there is no denying the relationship that’s starting. Now she must not only face her past but reveal the truth to Sam and hope not to lose him.

I really enjoyed how there were so many elements to this story. There were a lot of different characters and enough conflicts to keep the story moving but not be overwhelming. Dailey worked in enough flashbacks to give the reader a sense of why each character is the way they are. I especially liked Katherine Rutledge’s story of how she built the winery she and her husband dreamed of owning even after he died. Overall I thought it was a good read but when I read about Janet Dailey’s legal problems she has had with plagiarism, it kind of ruined the book for me.

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