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Love of a Lifetime | by Carol Voss

Love of a LifetimeLove of a Lifetime by Carol Voss
(Love Inspired, 2012, 224 pages)

Tony ran away from his home townten years ago and is only returning after his Nonna, who raised him, had a bad fall down the stairs. Maggie moved in with Tony’s Nonna after her parents died in a car accident when she was young and she instantly panics when Tony shows up on her doorstep and with good reason. Maggie and Tony had been in love before he ran away and spent one of his last night’s together. So Maggie didn’t find out she was pregnant until Tony was unreachable. Maggie must now find a way to tell Tony that they have a daughter she gave up for adoption ten years ago before Tony leaves town again.

This was a really fast read but also really enjoyable. The writing was light and didn’t deal with subjects that were too heavy. This is an Inspirational Romance novel – the religious theme wasn’t overwhelming but it still had a solid presence. Voss didn’t introduce too many characters into the story and mainly stuck with Maggie and Tony’s relationship. This read definitely surprised me with how much I liked it and the characters.

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