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Coming Home | by Dee Holmes

Coming HomeComing Home by Dee Holmes
(Berkley, 2003, 304 pages)

Olivia Halsey has a hard time committing to the idea of marriage. So when her boyfriend, Daniel, proposes she runs away to her childhood home that has been vandalized with her best friends Claire and Lexie. As they help restore the old, broken home, they each confront what they are hiding from. Claire wants to be seen as having the perfect marriage but with her runaway son and lifeless marriage, she is feeling neglected and alone. Lexie has lost her job and boyfriend and is returning to her partying ways to avoid the consequences. Now they must help each other and learn from their mistakes before it’s too late.

I always try to read “girl-trip” novels but I haven’t read one yet that seems genuine. The situations come off as a little unbelievable to me and the dialogue between the girls just seem forced. Of course I won’t give up on those “girl-trip” novels, they just seem too fun and light to pass up. Hopefully I can find one I really enjoy soon.

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