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Bared to You | by Sylvia Day

Bared To YouBared to You by Sylvia Day
(Berkley Trade, 2012, 338 pages)

Well, first of all, I don’t know that I can recommend audiobooks when dealing with this particular genre… This was marketed as the “better-written” alternative to Fifty Shades of Grey. Eva has recently moved to New York with her best friend Cary (a bisexual male model). She’s about to start a new job working for a large advertising firm and as she does a quick run-through of her route to see how long it will take to get there from her place she runs into Gideon Cross. He’s so handsome she almost loses the ability to think. She doesn’t see him again until she starts work, and it’s then that she learns he is young, rich, and the owner of the building where she works (the Crossfire). There is definitely a connection between them and Gideon sees to it that they get together. Originally wanting it to be a physical relationship and nothing more, Eva convinces him that his setup won’t be enough. What follows are a series of miscommunications, overreactions, fights, and “make-ups.”

Gideon and Eva both have dark pasts – though we don’t get much of Gideon’s back story in this novel (it will likely be revealed in book 2 of this series), we learn that Eva had a history of sexual abuse which definitely affects her relationships. It seemed to me that Day was trying a little hard to mimic the Fifty Shades of Grey series, which I actually liked more. Not that most of the books in this genre are meant to be closer to the literary end of the spectrum (though some are and I’d recommend you head in that direction – Megan Hart is a good author), but the character development and plot were severely lacking to me – the relationship scenario in particular.

If you want a steamy read, you’ll find it here.

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