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Sweet Tooth | Ian McEwan

Sweet ToothSweet Tooth by Ian McEwan
(Jonathan Cape, 2012, 320 pages)

I can say I enjoyed this book from beginning to end.  Even though it is touted  as a spy novel, you would be disappointed if you were expecting an espionage thriller.  Serena falls into the espionage business sort of by accident and spends much of the book as a glorified clerk/secretary.  Still it is a well-written novel about a girl growing up and her transition from school to work in a time of great social change.

Amazon Book Description:
“Cambridge student Serena Frome’s beauty and intelligence make her the ideal recruit for MI5. The year is 1972. The Cold War is far from over. England’s legendary intelligence agency is determined to manipulate the cultural conversation by funding writers whose politics align with those of the government. The operation is code named ‘Sweet Tooth.’  Serena, a compulsive reader of novels, is the perfect candidate to infiltrate the literary circle of a promising young writer named Tom Haley. At first, she loves his stories. Then she begins to love the man. How long can she conceal her undercover life? To answer that question, Serena must abandon the first rule of espionage: trust no one.”

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