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The Saucier’s Apprentice | by Bob Spitz

The Saucier's ApprenticeThe Saucier’s Apprentice: One Long Strange Trip through the Great Cooking Schools of Europe by Bob Spitz
(W. W. Norton & Company, 2008, 336 pages)

I picked up this title because I enjoyed the biography Spitz wrote about Julia Child (you can review my review of Dearie here). This memoir recounts Spitz’s time traveling and cooking at various cooking schools around Europe. In addition to wanting to learn more and hone his cooking skills Spitz was also on an emotional journey, dealing with his recent divorce and a new relationship that was clearly going nowhere. We travel with Bob through France and Italy as he expands his knowledge in some places and grows frustrated in others. At times I found this to be enjoyable because Spitz clearly appreciates food, but overall I just didn’t care. I wasn’t invested in the author and his story wasn’t really engaging.

It was okay enough for me to read the whole thing, but it’s not something I’d necessarily recommend to others. There are plenty of other food memoirs out there that are amazing and will undoubtedly keep your interest 🙂

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