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Mad Hungry: Feeding Men and Boys | by Lucinda Scala Quinn

Mad HungryMad Hungry: Feeding Men and Boys: Recipes, Strategies, and Survival Techniques
by Lucinda Scala Quinn
(Artisan, 2012, 288 pages)

Before I start, yes, this is a cookbook, but it has a lot of information that goes beyond recipes. Also, I literally read the whole book. Every recipe, every intro, every blurb. This might be one of the most readable cookbooks I’ve ever picked up. Despite seeming to be marketed to families full of men, it’s an accessible cookbook that works from Quinn’s experience, which is being a woman with a husband and three sons. Basically it just covers how to provide comforting dishes that will satisfy people’s hunger. The recipes are written in an engaging/conversational way. Time-saving tips are included as well as ways to introduce your children (should you have any) to the idea of being comfortable in the kitchen and knowing how to identify good, healthy food for themselves.

After checking this out from the library I’m now planning to buy it for myself because it had a number of recipes I plan on trying. I’m also thinking this would be a great gift idea for a few friends of mine. Great read. Great cookbook!

(Also, there’s a Mad Hungry blog…)


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