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Sleep No More | by Iris Johansen

Sleep No More by Iris Johansen
(St. Martin’s Press, 2012, 390 pages)


Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan knows what it’s like to be haunted by the past. For years after her daughter Bonnie was stolen from her, she fought for closure. Now, as she strives to begin anew, she finds herself on another missing-persons case—one that is as mysterious as it is personal. A woman named Beth Avery, who has been locked away in a psychiatric facility for years, has vanished. And her connection to Eve is deeper than she can imagine. As long-buried secrets about Beth are uncovered, Eve begins to realize how their lives are entwined—and how Beth’s disappearance puts her in grave danger. Desperate, Eve enlists the help of profiler Kendra Michaels, whose uncanny ability to detect clues and solve puzzles leads her to the truth: That Beth escaped from the hospital—and the mind-altering drugs that held her prisoner for so long—and is on the run. Soon, Eve begins to see the threads of a twisted plot within the powerful Avery family, one that threatens to destroy not only Beth but anyone else who might jeopardize the high-stakes game that is already in play. And time is running out…

Iris Johansen has entertained and terrified me for years with her Eve Duncan thrillers. I love her Eve Duncan’s series and couldn’t wait to continue with reading this one.  This is her 14th Eve Duncan book in the series.  I have to admit that at first it started off kind of sluggish and slow.  Once I did get into it though, it was a rather enjoyable read. Her books are always full of suspense and intrigue and keeps you wanting to keep reading to find out what’s going to happen next. Iris Johansen never disappoints! If you’re a fan, already you know there’s always lots of twists and turns in all her stories and all the books are hard to put down. Iris Johansen is never a disappointment. This is another great page turner!  Great book. If you’ve never read Iris, it’s definitely worth your while to do so and even though this is part of a novel series, it stands well on its own. I enjoyed it and will recommend you to check it out.

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