Fiction · Mystery · Thriller · Ying L

A Wanted Man | by Lee Child

A Wanted Man by Lee Child
(Delacorte Press, 2012, 405 pages)

Jack Reacher, a former military cop, is hitch-hiking on a country road in Nebraska. He is picked up by a car with two men and a woman. All three are middle-aged and dressed in black pants and blue denim shirts. The men talk much more than the woman.  Reacher realizes something is off about the trio after a few minor slip-ups he noticed.  As they continue on their journey to Chicago, they start to run into police roadblocks on the interstate.

Back in a small town in Nebraska, a victim was found stabbed to death. His fingerprints were found in the FBI system and they matched an employee from The U.S. Department of State. The small town sheriff and FBI agents are trying to sort out the events encircling the murder. Again, Reacher relies on his intelligence and military cop trainings to try to put pieces together.  Reacher survives and moves on with his journey to Virginia.  The story is far-fetched in some parts. I still enjoyed the suspense, the developments and the unpredictable ending.


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