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Dare Me | by Megan Abbott

Dare Me by Megan Abbott
(Reagan Arthur Books, 2012, 304 pages)

Dare Me was a dark and quick-paced book. It revolves around a cheerleading squad comprised of mostly high school seniors and they are effectively ruled by their captain, Beth, and her lieutenant, Addy. This year they have a new coach coming in, Charlotte French. She takes control immediately and Beth is not at all pleased at having to surrender the throne. Addy and the rest of the girls want to be embraced in coach’s inner circle. They learn quickly and appreciate the way she wants to continually move them forward. But Beth is intent on putting the coach back in her place…

A potential suicide rocks the cheerleading squad. Coach, Addy, and Beth are wrapped up in a world of lies and secrets. Addy feels stuck in the middle, unsure who to trust or what the truth really is. This book definitely kept me interested. Abbott did a really good job capturing the essence and voice of high school girls and I was kind of intrigued with the direction the book went. It’s definitely a book you can read quickly.


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