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The Edge | by Catherine Coulter

The Edge by Catherine Coulter
(G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1999, 388 pages)

Jean’s review on Coulter’s Backfire prompted me to try one of her books. The first one in the series wasn’t on the shelf.  The Edge seemed appealing from the first couple of pages.

Mac (MacDougal) is a FBI agent who’s recovering from injuries caused by a car bombing.  Mac has a strange dream involving his sister Jilly. The next morning he finds out that Jilly was in a car accident and is in a coma. Mac flies to the small town of Edgerton, Oregon to be with his sister and to find out why Jilly drove her car over a cliff.  Mac finds out little information after Jilly comes out of the coma. A few hours later, Jilly disappears from the hospital. No one knows if Jilly was abducted or went willingly.

Jilly and her husband are pharmaceutical researchers. They’d been working on a new drug and moved to Oregon from the east coast.  A retired Chicago cop who lived in this town was murdered before he had a chance to talk to Mac. Mac tries to find out if there is a connection between the death of the retired cop and the disappearance of Jilly. Mac’s friends, Sherlock and Savich, a couple from the FBI, fly to Oregon to help out with the investigation. The story moves along okay. Some parts of it are far-fetched. I’m not sure I like the first person narrative in this book. It lacked additional insights into other characters besides the main character. It’s an okay book. I will try another of her books.

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