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Notorious | by Nicola Cornick

Notorious by Nicola Cornick
(HQN Books, 2011, 384 pages)

Susanna Burney has created a career out of successfully ending engagements. She’s employed by wealthy families who feel that their son or daughter is making a match too far below their means. Susanna steps in under an assumed name/identity, seduces whoever needs seducing, and then sets off having satisfied her client’s needs. She stepped into this line of work as a means of supporting herself after running out on her first marriage to James Devlin as a naive and pregnant 17 year old. Imagine her and James’s surprise when they come across each other at a society party…

James has been engaged for two years in the hopes of rising in the ranks of society by marrying a woman of means. He’s in no way attracted to his fiancee, but that doesn’t matter to him. What matters is security. When he sees Susanna he doesn’t know what to do. She had abandoned him the day after they were married and her family had told him she was dead. He’s intent on getting the truth out of her – especially when he learns that she is after his sister’s fiance-to-be…

This historical romance was alright. I kind of forced myself to finish it. If you’re looking for a historical romance with an interesting twist, this might be right up your alley.

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