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I Hate Everyone. . . Starting with Me | by Joan Rivers

I Hate Everyone. . . Starting with Me by Joan Rivers
(Berkley, 2012, 256 pages)

After the popularity of comedian Tina Fey’s audiobook version of Bossypants, I thought this book would also best be heard in the author’s voice. After listening to the first chapter, or track, or whatever the first segment was, I didn’t think I could get through the rest. Joan’s voice sounded as if she had just smoked a pack of Camels, and it was irritating to me. I kept listening though, and either I got used to her voice, or Joan stopped smoking.

If you’re a fan of Fashion Police on TV, or if you’ve always been a fan of Joan, you will like this book. If you’ve always hated Joan, don’t bother with this one. I happen to like her, but even I was offended by some parts of this book. I particularly remember the part where she makes fun of old people, which made me think, “Old people can’t help that!” Since Joan herself is no spring chicken, she could also make fun of herself in this part—which WAS funny. The best parts of this book occurred when, in addition to making fun of herself, she made fun of celebrities. I know, I know…celebrities are people too, but come on, they’re also billionaires who put themselves in the limelight, so in a way—THEY DESERVE IT.

In summary, if you like Joan, get this audiobook. If not, I hear there’s an audio version of Fifty Shades of Grey read by Morgan Freeman.

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