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Pride & Passion | by Charlotte Featherstone

Pride & Passion by Charlotte Featherstone
(HQN, 2011, 378 pages)

Sometimes you just need to pick up a romance novel… This was the first historical romance I’d read in quite a while and I picked it up primarily because I recognized Featherstone’s name as a well-known author in the genre. Pride & Passion is the second book in what I believe will be a trilogy.

Lucy Ashton has given up on the hope of love and is only looking for passion. After her former lover seemingly disappears she is left trying to keep from marrying Adrian, the Duke of Sussex, as her father wishes. Adrian is so reserved and calm, he lacks all the passion Lucy has been searching for. Or so she thinks…

Adrian has been pining for Lucy for years and he will do anything to have her. When they get mixed up in an attempt at blackmail it’s clear that Adrian will do whatever he must to keep Lucy safe. Both he and Lucy have secrets in their past that have led them to hesitate in believing they can truly have all they’ve dreamed of. But perhaps they’ll find they can have it all if they have each other.

This was a quick read that was enjoyable overall, but it didn’t compel me to check out the rest of the series.


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