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The Last Surgeon | by Michael Palmer

The Last Surgeon by Michael Palmer
(St. Martin’s Press, 2010, 384 pages)

The Last Surgeon is the second book I have read by Michael Palmer. It grabbed my attention from the very beginning when a professional assassin was forcing a young nurse named Belle to commit suicide.

The main characters are Dr. Nick Garrity, a trauma surgeon who served in Afghanistan, and Jillian Coates, a psychiatric nurse who is convinced that her sister Belle was murdered. Dr. Garrity is also searching for his war buddy, Umberto Vasquez, who disappeared four years ago. Jillian finds Nick after following a clue left by Belle. Together they discover a connection between Belle, Umberto and a few other suspicious deaths. It seems all the victims were medical personnel involved in a high profile operation several years ago. Before long, Nick and Jillian are on the highly-paid assassin’s hit list.

The book is full of twists and turns. The plot kept me interested from beginning toend. It’s a very good medical thriller.

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