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Rainbow Six | by Tom Clancy

Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy
(Berkley, 2004, 912 pages)

Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy is a techno-thriller about a plot to exterminate most of humankind to save the planet. John Brightling, CEO of a pharmaceutical company named Horizon Corporation, has developed a deadly virus called Shiva which he intends to disburse into the crowds at the Olympics in Australia. A new international counter-terrorist group named Rainbow Six and headed by John Clark is called into action to stop the virus from being distributed.

Rainbow Six was written in 1998 before all the heightened security which resulted from 9/11. It was also written before the Summer Olympics took place in Australia in 2000. Even though security has been tightened and technology has improved, the plot of Rainbow Six still seems as plausible today as it was in 1998.

I have read many of the Tom Clancy novels that feature Jack Ryan. John Clark has been a player in most of those novels. He takes the lead in Rainbow Six with Jack Ryan only being mentioned in the background from time to time. While I liked Rainbow Six featuring John Clark, I prefer the Jack Ryan novels. I think that Jack Ryan is a more well-rounded character. Rainbow Six is recommended for Tom Clancy readers or readers who enjoy complicated plots.

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