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Artemis Fowl | by Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer
(Scholastic, 2001, 277 pages)

I’d heard plenty about Artemis Fowl but never really had any idea what it was going to be about. I started reading yesterday morning and was finished by the end of the night – definitely a quick read! Artemis is a 12 year old whose father has disappeared and whose mother locked herself in the attic immediately after. Determined to ensure his family maintains their wealth and status, Artemis sets out to acquire all the gold of the fairies. This is no easy mission, but given that Artemis is a genius, he discovers all the loopholes and ends up causing a lot of trouble.

The “fairies” Artemis is working against are more than just fairies – they are all the magical people that have moved underground since the “Mud People” (read: humans) took over. This includes everyone from leprechauns and trolls to dwarfs and goblins. Holly Short is a member of the underground police force and she ends up getting caught up in Artemis’s scheme to acquire the gold of the fairies. Once it becomes clear that a human not only knows about the fairies but has a member of the underground hostage, the underground world jumps into action determined to rescue Holly and restore order.

Like I mentioned, this was a quick read and I was easily drawn into it. I’ll certainly be reading the other titles in this series.

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