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Fancy Pants | by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Fancy Pants by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
(Pocket Books, 1991, 512 pages)

Francesca was raised in a world where two things were valued: wealth and beauty. When her mother suddenly dies in an accident Francesca discovers that the money she thought they’d had was gone. Fortunately there were plenty of men who had no problem providing for her, thanks to her startling beauty… Unfortunately she’s not attracted in a serious way to any of them and has no problem starting and stopping relationships at a whim. This nonchalance ends up leaving her stranded in the United States after she attempts to earn her own money through an acting career. When her first film turns out to be a vampire period piece she refuses to demean herself and storms off.

Dallie (Dallas) Beaudine and his friend Skeet are driving to Dallie’s next golf tournament when they see a petite woman in antebellum clothing storming down the road. This woman turns out to be Francesca and even though they pick her up and offer to take her to an airport, these two down-home Southern boys have no desire to listen to Francesca’s snobbish views on life. Eventually mutual disdain turns into passion between Francesca and Dallie but there are numerous twists and turns that keep the two of them worlds apart.

This book kept me entertained, but at times it seemed to drag a little bit. The majority of it takes place in the 70s and 80s. This is part of the Wynette series of which I recently reviewed a more current title (Call Me Irresistible). Even though this wasn’t my favorite title, I’ll still pick up more of Phillips’s novels when I’m in the mood for a romance.


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