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Summer Rental | by Mary Kay Andrews

Summer Rental by Mary Kay Andrews
(St. Martin’s Griffin, 2012, 432 pages)

Ellis, Julia, and Dorie have been best friends since grade school and they all need an escape from their lives. Ellis is unsure of what her next step should be after she’s fired from her job. Julia is reluctant to commit to her boyfriend because of her past. And Dorie’s picture perfect marriage has turned into a big mess. So the girls decide to take a month long escape to a summer rental while they try to sort out their lives, make some new friends, and discover things about themselves and each other that never seemed possible.

This is my first read by Andrews and I have to say it was not my favorite. Although the book is over 400 pages, there never seems to be any build up to any of the plot twists. It almost seemed like Andrews just wanted to get the character’s “secrets” out on the page to add some depth to the characters but it just made them more unbelievable. The same thing happened with the character’s dialogue. Andrews just seemed to throw some dialogue out there that was more suited for 15 year old than women in their mid-thirties. There were just one too many cheesy lines (“Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt!”) and “As if’s!” for me.


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