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To Have and To Kill | by Mary Jane Clark

To Have and To Kill by Mary Jane Clark
(William Morrow, 2012, 368 pages)

Again, another read to facilitate my Nook reading! This is a fun, murder-mystery novel surrounding struggling actress Piper Donovan. Piper lives in the Manhattan area, but is moving in with her parents who live in New Jersey because her soap opera character was killed off. After moving in with her parents, she helps out in her mom’s bakery, only to discover that her mother is losing her eyesight. The murder comes into play when she goes to an auction benefit that one of her former co-workers is involved in and the auctioneer suddenly collapses on the floor—dead. The novel moves extremely fast, though it is not an in-depth story, it is light and an enjoyable read. This is the first in the series, with the second title being The Look of Love, which you may see a review about soon.

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