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Jemima J | by Jane Green

Jemima J: A Novel About Ugly Ducklings and Swans by Jane Green
(Broadway, 2000, 384 pages)

I remember friends reading this novel when it first came out about 12 years ago, but I obviously didn’t pick it up until now. Jemima Jones lives in the London area, is overweight, and has a super crush on her coworker, Ben Williams. The novel really delves into weight issues and how people perceive beauty, which was a little thought-provoking. Ben gets a new job, where he becomes a famous TV personality, while Jemima starts to work out and lose around 100 pounds, almost at an alarming rate. They lose touch, and she flies to LA to meet up with a guy, Brad, whom she met on the Internet. Interesting twists and turns eventually lead Jemima back to Ben or, rather vice versa. Overall, I found the novel enjoyable, though towards the end it felt like the author was running out of steam and needed to tie up the book. I would recommend this to those who love an “ugly duckling-to-swan” story.

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