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Four Souls | by Louise Erdrich

Four Souls by Louise Erdrich
(Harper Perennial, 2004, 240 pages)

I love Louise Erdrich’s writing and her story-telling ability, so when I saw a title I hadn’t read on the shelf, I had to pick it up.  Told from a number of different perspectives, the primary focus is on Fleur Pillager as she sets off to seek revenge on the man who stole her land.  As she works her way into his life, instead of killing him she gets him to marry her.  From this union a son is born who will eventually play a key role in Fleur’s efforts.

We also hear from Nanapush, who serves as a father-figure to Fleur.  He helps provide the back-story to Fleur’s adventures.  He also turns some of the focus to his marriage to Margaret and how despite wanting to grow old with her and keep her by his side, he can’t help doing things that push her away.

As with all Erdrich’s novels in the unofficial Love Medicine “series,” the stories and characters are all interconnected.  I enjoyed listening to this novel – it made me want to go back and reread some of her other titles.

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