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Alaska Twilight | by Colleen Coble

Alaska Twilight by Colleen Coble
(Thomas Nelson, 2006, 310 pages)

So, I just got my Nook Color and was perusing the ebook collection at the public library and stumbled across this title. I read the synopsis and thought I would give it a whirl as I desperately wanted to try my new Nook! The novel revolves around the life of Haley Walsh, a photographer, who has gone to Alaska to shoot for a wildlife TV show about bears. While she is there, it is her goal to resolve issues surrounding her sister’s death when they were young and to make peace with her parents who died in a fire that we find out was set intentionally. As we go along Haley’s journey, she meets Tank Lassiter, who becomes her love interest. Overall, the mystery of why her parents died and Haley learning to come to terms with the past provide for an interesting story. However, my only complaint was that it felt like some of the plot development as to why her parents died was hurried and that the focus was more on her relationship with Tank. I would recommend this book for those who like a quick read and like Christian fiction.

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