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Freedom | by Jonathan Franzen

Freedom by Jonathan Franzen
(Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2010, 562 pages)

The characters that narrate Freedom seem like a normal functional family from the outside.  Joey is defiant and fiercely independent, especially towards his parents. His mother, Patty, has a strong competitive nature. Her husband, Walter, is concerned with overpopulation and the balance of nature. Richard is Walter’s best friend and a gifted musician. But inside they are all dark and twisted because they are lost in their lives and with each other.

I enjoyed this read even though I never found myself liking any of the characters. This is really a story about being lost and trying to find your way, even if it takes years or many hurt feelings to do it. Those are sometimes the hardest to read, but the resolution the characters find makes it worth it.


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