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Mister Wonderful | by Daniel Clowes

Mister Wonderful by Daniel Clowes
(Pantheon Books, 2011,  77 pages)

We’re beefing up our graphic novel collection here at the library so I had to read this when it arrived.  Not to mention the fact that Kelly breezed through it.  Clowes sets this book up with Marshall sitting in a coffee shop waiting on a blind date.  The reader is privy to all the thoughts going on in his head as he berates himself for putting himself in this situation, while also being proud of himself for getting out there.  He’s had a rough go of it, he’s divorced, looking for work, and hasn’t had a real relationship in something like six years.  Suddenly, Natalie comes into his life…

Marshall and Natalie were set up by two of their friends who thought they would hit it off.  Let’s just say they both have their fair share of “issues” and both suffered rough breakups in the past.  We sit through their date, which has its ups and downs, always privy to Marshall’s running interior monologue of how he thinks things are going and trying to figure what he should do to ensure Natalie likes him.

Things take an interesting turn as the night progresses and the book ends on a considerably more optimistic note than when it began.  A nice, quick read.

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