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Dexter by Design | by Jeff Lindsay

Dexter by Design (#4 in the Dexter series) by Jeff Lindsay
(Doubleday, 2009, 304 pages)

Dexter and Rita head to Paris for their honeymoon and are exposed to a unique new art form wherein a woman films herself cutting off her leg…  Needless to say, this sets the scene for the rest of the book.  Dexter returns to Miami only to be called to a “creative” crime scene.  Someone has set up an artistic display of two bodies on the beach.  Their insides have been scraped clean and are filled with standard “tourist” fare.  Someone is clearly trying to send a message.  While investigating, Dexter and Deborah are called to another scene, obviously done by the same person.  Dead bodies are “artistically” being set up around Miami and Deborah is eager to find out who’s doing it and why.  Their main lead is someone who has it out for the Department of Tourism…

While trying to solve the crime, Deborah is also trying to come to grips with her knowledge about who Dexter really is.  As a cop she can’t justify not doing anything.  After revealing this struggle to Dexter as they head out to interview a suspect he is at a loss for how to handle things.  It is while they are both dealing with this issue that Deborah is stabbed by a suspect, sending her to the hospital with considerable blood loss and potential brain damage.  Things with this case suddenly become very personal to Dexter and he has it in mind that he’ll be the one taking care of the artistic suspect.  That is, until the suspect decides to turn the focus on Dexter and threatens to reveal him for the killer he really is…

This was a quick read and it was definitely better than book 3 in the series.  I’ve already put in a request for #5…

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