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The World According to God | by Greg Johnson

The World According to God: A Biblical View of Culture, Work, Science, Sex and Everything Else
by Greg Johnson
(InterVarsity Press, 2002, 208 pages)

The World According to God is a popular introduction to Christian worldview thinking. Greg Johnson looks at the broad biblical narrative and fleshes out how this narrative informs and shapes human endeavors like government, science, art, work and a host of other everyday activities. He covers a lot of ground in two hundred pages, and his discussion of each cultural sphere is necessarily broad. However, Johnson does a solid job of applying scriptural and doctrinal insights to both high culture and to the workaday world.

Johnson is a Presbyterian minister, and his concerns are clearly formed by the commonplace issues and questions of the people among whom he has ministered. This book is written for laypersons, but it is informed by academic concerns as well. One interesting aspect of the book is the “choose your own introduction” feature. The first introduction is academically oriented and addresses scholarly trends in scriptural interpretation, while the second speaks to Johnson’s targeted audience of laypeople looking to apply scriptural insights to everyday life.

Johnson treats his subject with humor as well insight. I you are interested in the relationship between religion and culture, this is an enjoyable and informative example of an evangelical approach.

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