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Changes that Heal | by Dr. Henry Cloud

Changes that Heal: How to Understand Your Past to Ensure a Healthier Future
by Dr. Henry Cloud
(Zondervan, 1992, 267 pages)

This inspiring self-help title is different than some, in that it combines a psychoanalytic viewpoint with Christian principles. Interspersed with the real life stories of some of Dr. Cloud’s patients, this book focuses on making healthy shifts in your frame of mind. The author’s goal is to have the reader connect more deeply with others, develop healthy independence, understand the good and bad in themselves and others, and to grow emotionally and spiritually to feel fully like an adult. Cloud says it takes grace, truth, and time for these things to happen.

While the book was a little slow moving at some points, overall it was highly readable, and extremely relatable. I have definitely used Cloud’s shifts in my everyday life since reading the book. It would be a good addition to a spiritual or self-help section of a collection.

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